Efficient warranty

Full and fast guarantee

For almost all NTG products, we are both an importer and a wholesaler, which for you means fast and effective warranty service, if needed. The guarantee is much easier to secure if the item is available in stock for exchange. It may seem like a tiny little thing that doesn't need attention, but only until you come across the realities of a warranty service for an online order. We pamper our customers with the fastest and best warranty service in Latvia!

Warranty for renewed and used computers

For all computer equipment we provide fast free repair and replacement of parts during the warranty period. Refurbished computers have a full 2-year warranty, but for most used computers we offer a 6-12 month warranty. When buying a used computer NTG, we will ensure its continuous operation faster and better than most new equipment dealers, because everything needed for repair is located in the NTG service.