Mail-in Repair

What is mail repair?

“Repair by mail” is a specially developed service for customers who do not live in Riga. So that you do not need to plan a trip to the service specifically, we suggest sending the goods to be repaired to the Omniva parcel machine and returning them the same way. Before sending an item for repair, please call or send a message, to agree on repair options and cost. Using repair by mail, prepayment by bank transfer is required. After the repair is completed, you will receive repaired and checked goods in a convenient packing machine or by another delivery of your choice.

"Repair by mail" with delivery

Used when buying the provided repair service in the service section. To use the “Repair by mail” service, at the time of purchase select the delivery that you want to use after the repair - the delivery that you select and pay for will be used to return the goods after the repair.

“Repair by mail” without delivery (you will receive the goods after repair at the NTG store in Riga)

Used when buying the provided repair service in the service section. Select this option if you send goods for repair to Omniva parcel machine, but want to pick it up personally in NTG service. When ordering and paying for repair services, select “I will pick up the order myself” to receive the repaired goods at the NTG store in Riga, 86 Tallinas Street. If you change your mind and choose a different delivery method, you will need to pay it separately.