NTG is not an online store

NTG is not an online store. It is a real store with an online presence.

Really, NTG is not an online store, it is a real store that is also available on the internet. 99% of our products are on the shelves and are available immediately. When ordering on our website, you can receive your purchase on the same day at our store in Riga, Lāčplēša street 112. In addition, we do not request a prepayment because we sell items that are already in the store. If you have chosen to receive your order delivered by one of the convenient shipping methods, we will dispatch the product on the same day as we receive your payment. No need to order in advance and wait for weeks.

Make shopping fun, not a disappointment!

We shop online, too. We frequently face all the typical problems of online stores: the items are unavailable, the price is different from what was expected, then there is the prepayment requirement. These are the things that annoy every online buyer. We work very hard to break the negative stereotype of online stores and we believe that the best way for this is to not be an online store. That's why we are not offering 300 000 items that we know nothing about, but fewer products that are our specialty and are available in stock.

We share our knowledge and experience

For some, it may be convenient to buy garden tools, pampers, motor oils, and groceries in one store. In our specialty shop, it is crucial to know the products and be able to help our customers to choose. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience and found the best solutions for different complex problems, therefore we can always provide a piece of advice. Feel free to ask, we know our products and will help you with the best choice for every application.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!