NTG is not an online store

NTG is not an online store. This is a real store online!

Exactly, ntg.lv is not an online store, it is a real store that also works on the internet. 99% of our products are on store shelves and are available immediately. When ordering on ntg.lv, you can receive your purchase the same day at our store in Riga, Lāčplēša iela 112. In addition, we do not ask for a prepayment because we sell goods that are already in the store. If you have chosen to receive an order with one of the delivery methods, we will send the product immediately after receiving the payment. No need to wait for weeks and order in advance!

Make shopping fun, not disappointment!

We also shop online and face the typical problems of online stores: the item is unavailable, the price is different from the one that is listed on the comparison website, to make an order you need a prepayment. This are things that annoy every buyer. We work very hard to break the negative stereotype of online stores and believe that the best way to do this is not to be an online store. That's why we're not offering 300 000 items that we know nothing about, but products what we specialize in and which are available for immediate purchase. Our goal is to bring the customer pleasure, not disappointment.

Good advice is worth its weight in gold!

It's okay to buy pampers, motor oils and everything else in one store, but it's even better if the seller knows what they are selling and helps customer to choose. In addition, the more specific the assortment, the more often experience and knowledge are useful. Over the years, we have accumulated experience from ourselves, our clients and partners, found solutions to complex tasks, and are therefore able to provide professional advice. Ask safely, we know our product and will help you with the best choice for every application.

Wish you successful purchases!