Professional Repair Shop

We provide quality service for computers, tablets and smartphones. NTG service has been operating for 10 years, during this time we have accumulated considerable experience and technical base, therefore it is possible that the parts necessary for repairs will already be in place. NTG is an importer of computer equipment, therefore we will provide the fastest service for computers of the brand we represent. We also renew and repair power tools and other batteries, as well as NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/LiFePo4 battery packs. See the Battery Recoverysection for more information.

With us you will receive a fair attitude, an adequate price for the service and a well done job. It sounds simple, but often one of these points is missing, so we provide the service you would like to expect. We try hard so you hear only good reviews about the NTG service and recommended it to your friends.

Smartphone and tablet repair:

We will quickly and professionally repair your smartphone or tablet. If phone repairs seem long and expensive, you are probably looking in the wrong place. At NTG service, we usually perform repairs within one day. For the cost of replacing and repairing a specific part, feel free to call, write a message or ask in a chat.

Makita tool repair:

We offer to repair all current Makita power tools. We perform repairs using only original spare parts from the Makita warehouse. Please call or write to us about the cost and term of repairing your tool.

Repair by mail:

"Repair by mail" is especially beneficial if you do not live in Riga. To save on a trip to the service, we offer to send the repaired item to the parcel terminal, and in the same way get it back repaired. Before sending a broken tool, please contact us to agree on repair terms and costs. Using " Repair by mail", payment is made by bank transfer. When the work is completed, you will receive the repaired tool back to the nearest parcel terminal or with another delivery of your choice.