Computer rental

Computer rental – it’s profitable!

We offer new and used equipment for rent - Apple Ipad tablets, laptops, workstations, virtual reality and gaming computers, as well as fully equipped office workstations with a computer, monitor, printer/scanner/copier and all the necessary accessories. Rental computers are tested and ready to use, if necessary, with installed office software. Computers can be bundled with Windows, Microsoft Office, Project, Visio or other software, renting the appropriate licenses. There are hundreds of vehicles available in the NTG range.

Short-term rental is the best solution for projects and exhibitions.

If you need a computer for a short period of time, for example, for a project, then renting a computer is the best solution. When the computer is no longer needed, bring it back. In addition, we guarantee fast free service throughout the rental period - your work will not be delayed!

You can rent a computer for several days or for the weekend for an event or exhibition. Of course, your own or a working laptop can also help out, but it can contain important information that is at unnecessary risk. In addition, it may be that you have installed the program without a license. For all rented computers, all software will be licensed, fully tested and ready to perform your tasks.

Long-term rent allows you to save on the salary of an IT specialist.

For long-term rental we offer to “subscribe” to a computer for a relatively small monthly fee. Your computer will have a licensed Windows OS, antivirus and it will be completely ready for use. If necessary, for an additional fee we can install any other licensed software, such as Microsoft Office.

The main advantage - during the rental you do not have to worry about the computer. If necessary, we will quickly repair or replace the computer, and work in the office will not be delayed. For comparison, when buying a new computer, warranty repairs may take up to 30 days if the necessary part is not in place and needs to be ordered (for example, a laptop display). What will the project manager, client manager or secretary do for 30 days without a computer?

Long-term rental is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises, where there is no need to hire a personal IT specialist. All you have to do is figure out what to do with the saved money!

Individuals must leave the collateral in the value of the computer when entering into the lease, which will be refunded upon return of the computer.

You can rent laptops and desktop computers, as well as monitors, all the necessary peripherals and accessories that you need. Any of the computers that are available on the NTG website are also available for rent. In the computers for rent section, you can find computers specifically for rental.

Want to rent a computer or an entire office pack? Call, we will help you!

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